Cross The Bridge

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Play the Cross The Bridge game and conquer every roof in the game. You will use your special ladder to build bridges and go through skyscrapers.

What is Cross The Bridge?

This is an attractive game not only because of its unique and interesting gameplay but also thanks to its attractive design and game ideas.

In the game, you will control your character to go from one roof to another. Of course, it is extremely dangerous and can cause you to fall at any time. Therefore, you need to make bridges that can help you complete this challenge.

Build a bridge in Cross The Bridge

It is not about building too complicated bridges with cement or steel. The game only requires you to be able to go through those roofs. You just need to use your wooden stick, cross it across the roofs, and go through them.

However, the length of the pcs will be decided by you. The bridge should be just the right length, not too long but not too short because that could cause you to fall from this incredible height.

Control guide

Use the mouse to control this game. You will tap and hold the mouse to conquer this game.

The Cross The Bridge game is extremely fun. In addition, we have an even more dramatic title, the action game Rocket Bot Royale.

Special Note

In Cross The Bridge, sometimes coins will appear along the way, try to collect them. You can get the coins by quickly clicking the mouse. You should remember that you need to do this action quickly if you don't want to fall down and end the game.

These coins can help you. In the event of an accident, if you have enough coins, you can use them to revive and continue playing the game without starting from the beginning.