Coffee Break

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Coffee Break is a fascinating video game. You will open a coffee shop and serve your customers. Manage your cafe shop well to be able to open more branches.

Enjoy drinks on Coffee Break

Are you a person who likes coffee, milk tea, or other drinks? If you like such things, Coffee Break is a game made for you.

Coffee shop business

As the owner of a cafe, from the start of building the shop, you will be in charge of all responsibilities and business activities. Players need to buy equipment such as coffee machines, drinking tables, cashier counters, etc.

When customers come to buy water at your bar, don't make them wait too long. Because those customers will be the ones to help you earn more and expand your cafe shop faster.

Walkthrough the game

To play Coffee Break, players just need to use simple operations with the computer mouse. Just point at the hover character, you will be able to control him as you like.

Tips and tricks in Coffee Break

More and more customers come to your store, waiting in line to buy coffee or milk tea, if they wait too long they will not be happy. So players need to quickly make coffee and serve customers. In addition, they love to enjoy drinks right at your bar. As soon as the previous customers leave, you need to quickly clear the trash on the table so that others have a seat and enjoy.

Players can use the money earned from the store business to expand more seats, hire employees, upgrade them and even open other branches of their chain stores.

As a player who loves Monkey Mart, you will not be able to ignore Coffee Break. Moreover, this game even has an additional branch opening function, which will be very attractive to players.