Cat Mario

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About Cat Mario

Cat Mario is a fascinating adventure game. Accompany the chippy white cat to overcome the challenges of the game. Try not to be stopped by the obstacles.

Overcome all the challenges

The white cat in the game is on the way to conquering the hardships. It alone cannot cope with these difficulties. Therefore, your help will be extremely important to the cat. Will you help it?

While you and the cat want to conquer the difficulty as quickly as possible, the other small animals want to prevent you from moving forward. Don't let them interfere with your plans. Avoid coiling with these monsters or jumping on top of them to remove them from the game.

How to control

You can use the arrow keys to control your cat. In it, the up key is used to jump and the left/right keys are used to navigate the cat.

Special notes in the game

Cat Mario is an interesting game, and attractive, but you also need to really pay attention to the obstacles that the game has arranged. In addition to monsters moving around, you also have to face many other difficulties.

Be careful with high walls. They can even grow extra blocks to prevent you from jumping or knocking you down.

The gaps in Cat Mario are also extremely dangerous. With just a little negligence, the cat will lose its life.

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