Bank Robbery

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What is the Bank Robbery game?

Bank Robbery is a thrilling game that simulates the chaos of bank robbery. You will play as a bandit and fight the security forces in this game.

Circumstances taking place in the game

As a fighting action game, players will need to really concentrate to not be left out of this game. If Rocket Bot Royale is an action game with cute and fun graphics, Bank Robbery will be the complete opposite. Once you join the game, you will immerse yourself in an extremely fierce battle, the graphics bring high realism.

Win the game

As a masked robber, you will break into the bank with your teammates to take away a huge amount of money. However, the security forces in the bank are extremely professional, they are equipped with advanced weapons. To fight them, you need to coordinate with your teammates and use your guns to attack and defeat these security soldiers. Only by eliminating all of them, you and your teammates with victory and can get money out of here.

What is the money in Bank Robbery used for?

Buy guns

After each bank robbery, you will be divided the money and gain experience points. With that money, players can use it to upgrade and equip weapons for themselves. At the beginning of the game, your weapon is merely a pistol with low damage. However, with the money received, you will have the opportunity to buy more powerful guns, which will help you more in the game.

Join teams

If you do not use to join a certain bank robbery team, Bank Robbery's system will let you join any team. However, you can decide for yourself if you have enough funds. In the game, there are two teams, Snipper and Stormtrooper. Each team will require a different fee to join, you can consider joining.


  • Use the WASD to move in the game.
  • To shoot, you click the mouse.
  • To bend over, press C.