Ball Hit

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About Ball Hits

Ball Hit is an exciting basketball game. You will execute logical strategies to get the ball into the basket. Conquer all the levels of this game!

Put the ball in the basket

In Ball Hit, the basketball will be placed on a blue wall. Below will be a basket, your task is to find a way for the ball to fall into that basket. As for the blue bar, it's just a tool to fix the ball, won't cause you too much trouble. However, the game has many obstacles that you need to overcome. Arrange and utilize them to score goals.

Other items in Ball Hit

As mentioned above, there are many other items that will appear in this game. However, depending on the challenge of each level, items will appear. And you need to use them wisely if you want to win.

  • It can be gray blocks, which you can move to take advantage of them to help the ball fall into the basket.
  • Besides, the yellow blocks though will not let you move. Therefore, you need to combine them with other blocks to complete the task.
  • The green bars do not allow you to move but you can rotate in general. This is also a suggestion for you to conquer Ball Hit.

Guide to control the game

Players only need to use the mouse to play this game. In there, you can hover to move the gray blocks and click the mouse to rotate the green bar and break the blue bar.

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