Aquatic Rescue

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Aquatic Rescue is an impressive puzzle game. Players will help the sea creatures save their friends from the captivity of water bubbles. Are you ready?

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You must have played through a lot of puzzle games, right? Well, today we will continue to introduce to players another very attractive puzzle game. Let's learn about that game!

Rules of Aquatic Rescue

Players when participating in the challenge of Aquatic Rescue will need to save sea creatures such as crabs, fish, and snails from traps. They are being held captive by water bubbles on the ocean floor. Their friends are trying to find a way to save their friends. However, because they are only small creatures, they need your help.

In particular, only creatures of the same species can save each other. For example, only crabs can save crabs, oysters can save soda, etc. That's why, the player will take on the role of an alf who finds a solution and guides these creatures.

Control instructions

In the game, you will drop lovely sea creatures in a certain location, so that when they fall, they will fall right where your captive friend is. If successful, they will save their friends. At the same time, players also need to try to collect as many stars as possible.

Challenges of Aquatic Rescue

As a puzzle game, Aquatic Rescue also requires players to pay a lot of attention to the obstacles. They will probably be iron bars that make it difficult for you. But they can also become a great assistant, helping you complete the task, if you know how to take advantage.

In addition, there are many other features in Aquatic Rescue. As long as players know how to take advantage of them, they will bring certain benefits to you. Besides, are you interested in an action game? Rocket Bot Royale is one such game where royal tanks fight each other on an island