Alien Cubes

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Alien Cubes is a running game with unique gameplay. Control your cube to help it overcome challenging stages and reach the finish line safely.

Alien Cubes Online game

In this game, you will accompany your cube to conquer the challenging track. As long as you can reach the finish line, you will be successful and can move to a higher, more interesting level.

The track of Alien Cubes is quite challenging where the blocks will rise to stop your progress. At that time, react quickly to avoid colliding with these walls. You just need to create an extra block at the foot of your cube so that it is taller and easier to pass through walls. The game isn't too challenging, right?

Game Features

How to play

Click the mouse to control this exciting game.

Game levels

The game offers a variety of game levels for you to enjoy and experience. Same as controlling the cube, but Alien Cubes is different from Geometry Dash Lite. In this game, higher levels will bring more challenges that make you have many heart attacks. If you are a player who loves speed as well as ingenuity, then this is definitely a game for you.