Rocket Bot Royale

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Rocket Bot Royale is a tank battle survival .io game. Your mission in this game is to move and collect coins and upgrade your weapon to destroy other tanks.

About Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale takes you to a desolate place. If you want to return, you must be the last survivor. Are you ready to join this dangerous excursion? The game is set in a rather special context, along with the details that make the game more and more interesting. In war, tanks are indispensable and sometimes even considered a symbol of war. So, when participating in this game, controlling your tank, can you survive, leave the war, or die before the enemy’s weapon?

In this game, there are many interesting things that you will probably be interested in. Let’s find out what they are!


If you have ever played action and survival games, the way to play Rocket Bot Royale will not be too difficult for you. Since it's a multiplayer game, you and many other players will be on a complex platform. This is like an island, where there is land and water around. You will try not to get in the water.

A fight for survival is bound to be fought. As soon as you meet the enemy, use your mouse to point the muzzle at them, aim and shoot accurately to eliminate the enemy. At the same time, you should also use the left or right keys to move continuously. If your tank is standing still, you will be very easily hit by your opponent. Take note of this!

Rocket Bot Royale tips

  • If you aim correctly, you will shoot at the opponent and eliminate them. However, when you shoot to the ground, you will bounce high. This is also an opportunity for you to escape danger when attacked.
  • You can equip extra some other types of weapons before entering the battle.
  • During the war, you can also collect more weapons to strengthen yourself.
  • The water can rise gradually. Better not to fall into the water. You can jump high to avoid it.
  • You should shoot a little higher than the actual position of the enemy to hit them because bullets have gravity, so they often go lower than the position you aim.
  • Limit to losing too much health, as most players have difficulty winning with low health.
  • You have 3 quick shots, but if you are facing opponents that you use all three quick shots without hitting, it will be very dangerous.


The way to play Rocket Bot Royale is not too difficult. However, following the instructions below may take you less time to understand and play the game. I hope this guide helps you.

  • Use the A and D to navigate the tank.
  • Use the left-click mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use Tab to change weapons.
  • Shoot the ground to jump.
  • Collect items from crates.

The game account

The game account is an interesting and attractive feature that you should use when playing this game. Starting the game, you have two choices. The first choice is to play as a guest, and the other is to sign up for an account and play games with that account. So how are these two options different?

Play as a guest: You can still use the game's basic services, like participating in battles, unlocking, and upgrading. However, all data will be lost as soon as you exit the game. That means the next time you play the game, you'll have to start over, doing everything from scratch.

Play with an account: Almost all restrictions will be resolved if you sign up for an account. No matter when you log out and log back into Rocket Bot Royale, your efforts in the game are still there. You can even make friends and play games with your friends.

How do you get gems in Rocket Bot Royale?

How you get gems in Rocket Bot Royale is the question many players wonder when participating in this game. Of course, because most transactions like upgrading and unlocking require gems. In this article, I will show you how to get gems in Rocket Bot Royale.

The most rapid way to own gems in this game is to buy them in the shop. However, another free way is to complete the missions in this game. This way is cheaper, but you will not receive fewer gems than the first.

Attractive features of the game

Features of Rocket Bot Royale attract players to stay with the game longer, and thanks to these features, the game is considered a good game worth a try. Here are the game features that you should know.

  • The game has interesting gameplay.
  • Beautiful graphic design, attractive to users.
  • Includes many interesting features with a variety of skins and weapons.
  • Includes many good game modes.
  • You can play games with your friends.
  • Complete the objectives to get more rewards.
  • The game tells you the top players with the best game skills.

Game modes

The game includes 3 modes, each with its characteristics and fun. You can experience all three modes and feel their difference and appeal.

Solo mode: This is the right mode for you to join the fight alone. You will fight on your own against many other tank opponents in the game. The strength of this mode is to bring comfort to gamers because you will not need to pay attention to the existence of teammates.

Squad Deathmatch: This mode is more special when it allows you to join the battle and join a team of 4 members. Each team will have a different color to distinguish. You and your three teammates should go together so that you can support each other in attack and defense and ensure your team can win. This is a mode that focuses on improving team spirit.

Custom Mode: This mode is even more special when players can create a private room and invite their friends to join the battle. If in Squad Deathmatch, you will team up with random players. It will be different in this mode. You can invite acquaintances to join you in the game. You need to create your team and send the code to invite them to join, or your friends have created a team, and you just need to enter the code. After that, you will side with each other in fierce tank battles. However, to use this feature, you need to be logged in.

Goals systems

When participating in Rocket Bot Royale, one of the important things is that you need to level up your tank. Gaining the game's goals is the most effective method for a quick and successful level-up process.

That's why the game provides you with a system of goals you need to accomplish. The objectives are mostly not too difficult for the player, such as playing a game solo, destroying a tank, firing 50 missiles, collecting 10 crates, etc. Depending on the difficulty of these missions, players will receive a worthy reward of XP points. With enough XP points, you can level up your tank.

In addition, at the game's main interface, you can see a taskbar for the season. After each match, the system will recognize your achievements, sending you attractive gifts depending on your performance in the game.


You can also buy other attractive items at the game's store in addition to the gems, as introduced above. Usually, they will be sold in combos like Season Deal or Starter Pack. However, to use this feature, players must log in to their accounts.


This feature can impress and make players more interested in Rocket Bot Royale. It gives users a list of the best players with the most trophies. You can follow this chart with the name, rank, and trophies. The list of these players will be updated statistically.

Furthermore, each season features wood, copper, bronze, silver, gold, topaz, amethyst, ruby, diamond, champion, elite, and king leagues. You can progress through these leagues to earn better rewards. The higher the tournament, the higher the difficulty, and the more gold and gems you have.


As mentioned earlier, users can use this feature when logged in with a personal account. It is recommended that you use this feature because it will give you the perfect game experience. Moreover, when you log into the game, you can experience all the game features and see how good this game is.


Interesting skins are also part of making this game more attractive and diverse. When playing the game for a while, you want to change the appearance of your tank. You don't want your tank model to look too similar to many others when going into combat. So, changing the skin for it is too reasonable.

Not only can you change the color and style of the tank, but you can also buy skins for badges, parachutes, or trails with special and beautiful effects. Once you decide to use this function of the game, you will not regret it because its effect is extremely positive and special.

Season pass

The season pass is a common feature in survival action games, but having benefits below when getting it, few games can do it like Rocket Bot Royale. If you can get the season pass, you can get the following perks:

  • Instantly unlock the exclusive season tank and evolve it throughout the season.
  • Unlock exclusive season trail and parachute by playing.
  • Collect double XP for each goal.
  • Finish the season pass to earn back the partial cost of the pass.
  • Show off with a gold-level badge and name in-game.

Who developed this attractive game?

WINTERPIXEL GAMES developed Rocket Bot Royale. 3 industry veteran game developers founded this studio determined to unite people through online gaming.

This studio was founded and developed by three talented and experienced game developers. In addition to this game, they also have other interesting and popular products.


In this game, can the HP bar be restored?

No. The HP bar will not be restored, so you need to be careful not to be eliminated prematurely.

Is there any benefit to playing this game?

Of course. Rocket Bot Royale was launched to serve users' needs, so game makers always aim to bring specific benefits to players. Among them, there are a few typical benefits such as:

  • It can help players have great entertaining moments.
  • You can make friends and play games with your friends through this game.
  • Practice and develop teamwork skills through team-based games.

How to log in to the player's account?

First, you need a personal email. You click Settings, click Link Email, enter your email and password, and start experiencing the game.

How to put my name on Rocket Bot Royale's leaderboard?

Playing the game hard for a good score is the most effective method to get your name on the list of the best players.

Where can I play this game? Is it necessary to download the game to your computer?

No. You can play the game right here on our website.

Rocket Bot Royale reviews

Rocket Bot Royale Reviews will be the last part of this article for reference and decision to visit to experience the game. This game includes many attractive features. Besides, you can even make your free time more interesting through games. Moreover, this is a game for a variety of audiences. As long as you are persistent and have good strategic thinking, you can easily master Rocket Bot Royale.

If you are interested in a game developed in the form of such a fierce battle, do not hesitate to join Rocket Bot Royale right away. Have a great time playing the game!